Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Terms Of Use (my CU, PU and S4H tous)

I wanted to make sure I had my tou in a handy spot for anyone who needs it, so here ya go :)

COMMERCIAL USE / Scrap For Hire / Personal Use) - Terms of Use

The adorable script font that I used on my preview is a "font for peas" font called Pea Nikki by Kevin & Amanda. You can find it and more like it here http://kevinandamanda.com/fonts/fontsforpeas/

All of my templates, that are purchased, come with a commercial use and scrap for hire license. The freebie templates that I offer now and then are for personal use only. Eventually, the freebies are packaged up and sold in my store as Sample Packs. If you purchase a Sample Pack, you are then able to use the templates in that set for CU/S4H use as well.

PERSONAL USE - Terms of Use:
- you CAN use any of my products for personal use - go crazy, have fun!
- you CAN submit layouts and other creations that you make with my products to magazines etc - (I'd love if you'd credit ChrissyW if you are published!)
- PLEASE feel free to email me with any comments - questions etc and especially if you'd like to show me what you've made - I'd LOVE to see it! (see below for email addy)
- you CAN modify my things, change shapes and sizes etc but please don't claim the product as your own after
- please DO NOT resell, redistribute or share my products with people - that's pirating and pirating = stealing!

- YOU CAN use these templates to make flattened, png quick pages for resale in your store or to make freebie quickpages
- please do not resell these in layers (as templates) and do not take any part of these files & claim them as your own
- for the products that aren't layered templates, such as paper cutters, extracted items etc, YOU CAN use them in your kits as long as you do not sell them as is. YOU CAN modify them somehow & incorporate them into your kit designs, but don’t include them the way you bought them from me. For example, do not create an element pack alone with one of my paper cutters. You can use a couple in a kit, but don’t simply add a style to my entire set of scallop paper cutters and sell them as an element pack.
- do not make any commercial use items with these files and do not resell, redistribute or share my products as is

- If you make quick pages for re-sale/freebies, be sure to credit me "Templates by ChrissyW" in your tou. For all other types of commercial use, you don’t need to credit me (but it’s appreciated).

- you CAN use any of my products/templates etc in your Scrap for Others/Hire business...
... meaning, if you are hired by someone to make a scrapbook or a layout etc for them, you are more than welcome to use my products on those pages AS LONG as you agree to the terms below!
- The finished product that you "sell" to your client needs to be a flattened and completed jpg file (so that the template is not still in layers as it was when you bought it).
- please DO NOT use my products to create items that you will mass produce (over 50 of the same item) and resell on the internet or craft sales etc.

Feel free to email me with any specific questions that I didn't cover in this tou.

I'd love to hear from you with any comments - questions etc and especially if you'd like to show me what you've made!

SPECIAL THANKS TO: my good friend Angie Kovacs - thank you SO MUCH for getting me into digital scrapbooking & for the many hours of help you’ve given me! Also thanks to Amanda (from Kevin & Amanda), Al from Action FX, Obsidian Dawn, Atomic Cupcake, and The Scrappin Cop for their CU things!

Here’s my email addy - chrissywdigital @ gmail.com


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