Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MOVING - here's my new addy...

I’ve moved!

You can check out my brand new shiny blog HERE.

Don’t forget to bookmark my new addy once you get there and/or subscribe to my new feed via your favorite blog reader!

I just posted a new freebie and tutorial so head on over and take a peek :)

I won't be updating this blog any longer...

Monday, September 26, 2011

a brand new exclusive freebie!

Just a heads up that I've added a new freebie template to my Facebook page!

If you'd like to pick it up, just head over to my FB page and press the 'like' button at the top and then click the exclusive tab on the left hand side. You should see the preview for the brand new freebie there after that! :)

Click the preview and you'll be able to download it from there!

sooo if you'd like to pick it up click here to first 'like' my Facebook page...

or if you already 'like' my page on FB, click here to go and download it!

Happy scrappin

Saturday, September 10, 2011

new kits and templates and a FREEBIE!

Hey there!
It's been a while :) Hope everyone had a great summer! I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to the cooool weather coming soon!

I have a few new products in my store as well as a freebie here for you :)
So let's get right to it (since my babes are getting up from nap any minute...)

Here are two kits that you can use to scrap your ice cream and popsicle photos from this summer... (and a layout made with each of them so you can see the kit in action)

I Scream

and a layout made by Abish

Icy Sweet

this one is also by Abish - made with the Icy Sweet kit

And if you're looking for some new templates...

Gridz - 12x12 and 8.5x11 are now in my Two Peas store!

and here's a layout made with a template from this set by Two Peas site CT member jbarksdale

and one by Jennifer Hignite

and the last set of templates that I put in my store recently are The 2 Of Us (take 2) in 12x12 and 8.5x11 versions...

Here's a layout made by Krista (norton94) with one of the templates...

and finally, September's FREEBIE template!!
Just click the preview below or CLICK HERE and you can head over to pick it up :)

Here's a layout made with this month's freebie by Kimberly

and one by Erika too

Hope you like it!
It should help you make a quick and easy layout :)
thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 5, 2011

August FREEBIE and a few new releases!

Hello hello!
I hope it's not TOOOO too hot where you are and that you're having a fantastic summer so far!

I have a brand spankin' new freebie template for you but before we get to that I wanted to show you some of my new releases...

Sample Pack #22 (in 12x12 as well as 8.5x11 versions)

and here's a layout made by Jennifer Hignite that was made with one of the templates from this set...

and one made by Celeste from the Two Peas site CT made with another template from this set...

and just in time for this crazy summer heat... a kit called "Beat the Heat"! Perfect for scrapping some of your pool and beach pics!

Here's a hybrid layout made by Kathy Martin with this kit...

and one by me :)

Another template set that I now have in my Two Peas store is 'Holey Moley'. These are peek-a-boo style templates that come in 12x12 as well as 8.5x11 versions! fun fun!

and a few example layouts that were made with this set...

by Abish Allen

ad one by Joscie from the Two Peas site Creative Team

So now the fun part... the FREEBIE!

Here's the August freebie - click the preview of click HERE to download it!
Hope you like it - and if you make anything with it, I'd LOVE to see!
Leave me a comment with a link to your page if you get a second :)

And here's a few layouts that were made by some of the talented ladies on my creative team...

by Kimberly Morris

by Erika Hybben

thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

are you a 'liker'??

Hello hello!
I have an exclusive freebie available and wanted to show it to you incase you missed it...

It's a freebie for my anybody who LIKES my Facebook 'fan' page :) :)

Just click the preview below and then click the "like" button at the top of my Facebook page. Once you've done that you can check out the 'exclusive' tab on the left side of my page and pick up the freebie!

Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

a new month means a new FREEBIE!

hey there!
It's July (already?!?) so that means it's time for a new freebie template!

But before I get to that... I wanted to show you a few of the new things I have in my Two Peas in a Bucket store.

The Easy Album templates are now in my store in both sizes (8.5x11 and 12x12)...

And this brand new kit called Flutterbye Garden

and a layout by Julie Wells that was made with the kit

and these Collage templates are in my store now too...

and a layout by Jennifer Hignite with one of the collage templates

Thanks for reading this far :) it's FREEBIE time now!
This template was made by lifting (with permission) a layout that was made by Berrygirl. You can click the preview or CLICK HERE to download it.

I'll include a few layouts that were made with this template so you can see it in action.

by Amy Hoogstad

by JenniferM

Here's the original layout by Berrygirl...

by MariB

Hope you like it!
I'd love to see what you make with it if you use it - leave me a comment with a link to your page!

Happy scrappin

Thursday, June 16, 2011

an EXCLUSIVE freebie for my Facebook 'like' ers!

Hey there!
Just a heads up that I have a new freebie template posted on the exclusive tab of my Facebook page!

You can check out my Facebook page right HERE if you want!

If you are already a 'fan' by pressing the "Like" button at the top then just click the EXCLUSIVE tab on the left and you'll be able to see and download the new freebie!

And if you haven't 'liked' my page yet.... well... whatcha waitin for?? :P

Click LIKE at the top and then you should be able to see and download it too!

Here's a peek at what it looks like...

Hope you'll come on over and find me on Facebook :)