Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who will be the 500th newsletter subscriber?!?!?

So I've decided that the 500th subscriber to my newsletter is going to win a $20 gift certificate to my store!!!

Who will it be??? Maybe YOU!

I also have a little newsletter sign up promotion going on - here's the info...

I'm offering a special "Buy One Set, Get One FREE" coupon code to anyone who subscribes to my newsletter this month (before Jan 31st)!!

I send out a small newsletter every two weeks (or so) with previews of new products, news about my latest freebies, example layouts and sometimes I'll include a coupon too!

There's a "subscribe to my newsletter" spot right over there -------> on the right!

You can fill that in or shoot me an email at chrissywdigital @ - either way is fine by me!

Here's a link to my store so you can check out what you can get free with the code!

The coupon will take the price of regular personal use template set ($2.99) off of your order of $5.98 or more - so it'll let you buy one and get one FREE!! You can use it for commercial use template sets too, but it will work a bit differently since the CU sets are a bit more $ - it'll take $2.99 off of your order instead of a CU set totally free. (hope that makes sense).

The code is only valid until Feb 4th at midnight so subscribe fast!

And remember - the 500th subscriber wins big!!

While I'm posting I should show off 2 more layouts...

Here's one by Indah using a template from this set HERE

And then one by Jennifer using a template from this Sample Pack


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These are fantastic pages!