Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WINNERS!!! (for template challenge #6)

sorry it took me so long today to get on here and post the winners - had errands and groceries and all that to do - finally home and ready to announce.... that...

Everybody who played along and made a page for Template Challenge #6, and commented with a link to your page in a gallery - WINS!!

If you've done the challenge in the last two weeks (or before midnight last night) send me an email with a link to your layout and I'll email you back with your coupon code! (my email address is up there at the top right under my profile pic) The date that you uploaded the layout to a gallery should be between Oct 1-15th. The coupon is only valid for one week so be sure to email before the 22rd of October! The coupon is worth $2 in my store which means that you can pick up one of my sample packs of templates FREE (they're $2 each) or you can put it towards a different set if you'd like! It will take $2 off your order!

Thanks so much for playing - I loved seeing all of the layouts that were made with that template!!

Don't forget to pick up my newest freebie in the post below and leave a comment with your new layout for a chance at the next prize - and I'll give you a heads up that the prize for Template Challenge #7 is a good one! :P


Kevin and Amy said...

Hi Chrissy! Just a note to say check out today, one of your templates has been spotlighted:)

Also did this one a while back with one of your freebie templates.

Have a great day!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Hi Chrissy, Just sent you an email with the links to the galleries that my layout using the template from challenge #6 and grabbed template challenge #7. Thanks for the FANTASTIC templates! Now I'm off to use this one :)

Jules said...

Thanks so much!

Soco said...

Thank you again Chrissy!!! =)

Ladye said...

I have already done Challenge 7 for the Font Challenge at SAS and for a layout for my CTM at DST for one of the designers I CT for. Here is the link for it