Tuesday, September 9, 2008

$1 day at ES and a new template set!!

It's Dollar Day again at Elemental Scraps!! SO MANY fun things in the $1 category of the shop today (a few things from each designer including some CU items and brand new things too)!!

** scroll down to see my new template set**

Come take a look!

These are the 4 template sets that I have on sale for only $1 each today...

I have a brand new 12x12 template set called 'AD It Up' that's in the $1 deals sale for today only! Each of the templates was inspired by an ad of some sort.

Here's a preview of the new set (only $1 today!!)

Here's a few layouts that were made with this set... (they're all clickable so you can see who made them)!

A quick shout out about my girl Angie - she just made some fantastic commercial use paper makers!! I've been looking everywhere for LAYERED patterned paper makers and these are great and there's one set in the $1 category too!! :)

So, whatcha waiting for? Head on over to ES and check out all the goodies in the Sept 10th Dollar Deals Day category!!!


michellewaite1 said...

I saw your new templates at ES. They look great. I will have to pick up the set and play with them.

Pegster said...

AHH I missed $1 day..bummed. I love your new set. Going to have to have it! can you do me a favor?? I am banned from the gallery and forums at Elemental scraps?? ANd I have to idea why..I have never been there! I tried the last three days though and nothing..stills says I am banned..and forever!! Thanks for stopping by to say hi too!