Monday, September 13, 2010

any SURVIVOR fans here?? want a chance to win $50 cash??!

hey Survivor fans!!

We've done Survivor pools at Elemental Scraps in the past and we thought we'd do another one for this season!

There are 20 Survivors on this seasons show and $5 (paypal to Angie) lets you pick TWO survivors! Whoever picks the survivor that ends up winning this season gets $50 cash (sent to you via paypal)!!

So head on over to cbs (link below) and pick your two players and then head over to THIS THREAD AT ES and reply with the names of who you chose! We'll get your name beside your player and then once it's all filled in, we'll paypal the $5 to Angie (wanted to be sure we have enough people participating to cover all of the spots before anyone sends their $5 in)

Here's the link to where you can find this season's cast...

whoo HOO about a chance to win $50 cash!!!
Let the fun begin!!

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