Saturday, August 22, 2009

facebook users unite!!

hey girls!
I've created a Facebook profile and I'm going to be giving away a coupon to all of my Facebook friends on Tuesday evening!

If you have Facebook and want to add me I'll be all excited and plus you'll get a coupon in a few days - it's win win!

Here's a link to my profile (thanks to Angie for figuring that out for me)...

ChrissyWDigital on Facebook

(edited with the right addy - I messed it up earlier lol)

My user name is Chrissy WDigital incase you'd like to find me manually - which I doubt - but just incase

1 comment:

LoriBear said...

I love it Chrissy! I added you as soon as I saw ya! Its actually not a bad place to get in some extra advertising either! Alot of non scrappers are on there and always ask..LOL Ya never know it may inspire someone to take up digi!
Thanks sweetie for the coupon too! That is so sweet of ya!