Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NEW 2-pager template set -> "Get 'em Scrapped"

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll I had on here recently - it seems that a lot of you thought I should try a 2 pager set! (keep reading to the bottom for a coupon code only for my blog readers!)

So here it is - a set of two, 2-pager templates with a bunch of room for photos!

I don't know about you but I have a TON of photos from events and occasions that need to be scrapped! These two templates will help you "Get 'em Scrapped"!

** For the first time, this set also includes a set of pngs for each template for the programs out there that aren't able to use psd layered templates.** Not all of my sets have the pngs included but I'm going to work on doing that soon!

Here's a preview of the new double page templates...

Here's 4 examples that my CT girls made using these templates...(you can click them to see who made them and view them bigger in their galleries)



Kim said...

Great 2 pagers Chrissy and the team did some wonderful LOs!

Azrood said...

Love these Chrissy! I almost always use templates for my 2-page spreads since that's when I'm scrapping a ton of pictures.

HulasWithHalo said...

I love the 2 page template...i love all your templates....thank you for the buy 1 get1 free discount....Hugs Sandy xoxo